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Big Dick Deadly

Post by Big Dick Deadly on Mon Sep 14, 2015 1:50 pm

*! about.

  • Ring Name Big Dick Deadly
  • Birth Name Marcus Anthony DeVeane
  • Birthdate February 19th, 1983
  • Birth City Brooklyn, New York

*! physical.

  • Height 6'1"
  • Weight 278 lbs
  • Picbase Bubba Ray Dudley

*! gimmick.

  • Gimmick
    This is your over-the-top hardcore guy who doesn't like to say much, unless it's from a front row seat person talking smack about his ability in the ring. Very easy to anger, he will go to hardcore measures as soon as possible, even if it's a normal match with disqualifications.
  • Theme song "Stand Up" by 8 Ball & MJG

  • Special Entrance
    Nothing out of the ordinary, just a simple walk down to the ring. He does bring a steel chair with him, though.
  • Attire

  • Weapon of Choice - Wooden Table
  • Match of Choice - Brooklyn Street Fight
  • Alignment. - Heel

*! moveset.

  • Common Moves (minimum 10)
    Snap Suplex, Kitchen Sink, Kidney Punch, Open-Hand Slap, Scoop Slam, Clothesline, Chop Block, Mongolian Chop, Float-Over DDT, Headbutt, Kick to the Knees
  • Signatures (minimum 5)
    Deadly Impact (Top Rope Leg Drop)
    Greetings from Brooklyn (Low Blow)
    Torture Rack
    Full Nelson Side Slam
  • Finishers (minimum 2)
    Big Dick Driver (Michinoku Driver)
    Circumcision (Bubba Cutter)
    Brooklyn-Style Submission (Rings of Saturn)
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