The Dust Walker Hunter Thompson

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The Dust Walker Hunter Thompson

Post by Hunter Thompson on Sat Sep 12, 2015 12:49 am

*! about.

  • Ring Name: Hunter Thompson
  • Birth Name: Hunter Thompson
  • Birthdate: October 13, 1985
  • Birth City: Black Canyon, Colorado

*! physical.

  • Height: 6'10"
  • Weight: 289
  • Picbase: "American Bad Ass" Undertaker

*! gimmick.

  • Gimmick: Hunter tends to keep to himself as an individual. His mannerisms are that of a loner and a calm storm, always holding himself in a place that is away from everyone else. He does this so that he chooses not to hurt anyone...because what they don't know...and what he tries to how much he views the ring as his territory. He is the wolf that hunts here in these lands. The prey should start running while they can...before the wolf gets hungry.
    Theme: Always by Saliva
  • Special Entrance: As the guitar chords sound Hunter slowly walks out, glancing left and right at the crowd as he reaches into his leather jacket. He removes a cigarette box and a lighter, lights one cig, and heads towards the ring as he smokes, eventually getting into the ring. As he stands in the center of it he takes  a final drag before tossing it either onto the ground or at his opponent, stamping it out if its the former, getting to face to face with him if it's an opponent.
  • Attire: Basic biker gear. A leather jacket over a black shirt with his symbol of a skull with exhaust pipes on the sides of it. When fighting he typically takes the jacket off. He wears basic jeans to the ring as well.
  • Weapon of Choice: Biker Chain.
  • Match of Choice: Falls count anywhere.
  • Alignment: Heel.

*! moveset.

  • Common Moves (minimum 10): Back Body Drop
    Judo Hip Toss
    Running Clothesline
    Fisherman Suplex
    Greenbay Plunge
    Samoan Drop
    Boxing Rush Strikes
    Running Leg Drop
  • Signatures (minimum 5): Neck Trap Suplex
    Snake Eyes followed up with a Clothesline
    Running Big Boot
    Dust Devil (Spinning Side Slam)
    Suicide Dive
  • Finishers (minimum 2): Dust Storm (Sky High Spinebuster)
    Wind Walking (Chokeslam)
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