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Alice Liddell

Post by Alice on Sun Sep 13, 2015 3:51 pm

About Alice.

Ring Name: Alice
Nickname: The Warden of Wonderland
Birth Name: Alice Marie Liddell
Birthdate: October 13th 1992
Birth City: London, England

Her Physical.

Height: 5’4”
Picbase: Paige

Her Gimmick.

Gimmick: After ten years of being in a catatonic state in Rutledge Asylum, Alice has finally returned to her world of wrestling. Now as the GM of Global Championship Wrestling, Alice is ready to control the very people that had her placed in the Asylum all those years ago. She is a clever, intelligent and quick-witted young woman with a curious nature, a sharp tongue and isn’t afraid to speak her mind. The only down fall to Alice is her mental health and problem with knowing what's real and what had been in her mind. There is no telling what she will say or do, keeping her opponents and even the GCW universe on edge most of the time.

Theme song: Trance - Run Rabbit Run
Special Entrance: TBA
Attire: When Alice wrestles, she wears a dark blue Ericka Bra Top with leather skinny pants and her black wrestling boots. She always has her favorite leather jacket on and always has her lucky White Rabbit’s foot in her pocket.
-When Alice isn’t wrestling, she wears her leather Jacket with a light blue tank top underneath it and a pair of gray skinny jeans. For shoes, she wears a pair of black combat boots. She also wears a black bow in her hair and a black choker with a small clock hanging from it around her neck.
Weapon of Choice: Baseball Bat
Match of Choice: Three Stages of Hell
Alignment: Anti-Face

Her Moveset.

Common Moves: Hair-pull toss, SideKick, Hurricanrana, Rope-hung DDT, Inverted headlock backbreaker, Leaping knee drop, Dropkick, Leaping clothesline, Springboard bulldog
Signatures: 10/6 Spin (Headscissor Takedown), Jabberwock Lock (Cloverleaf while kneeling on the opponent's back), Spear, Crazed Daze (Superkick)
Finishers: Wonderland Slam (Spinning side slam), The Totentanz (Sliced Bread #2)

So welcome to the GCW Asylum, inmates, The Warden of Wonderland will see you now.

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