Ayden "Archangel" Yamanu

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Ayden "Archangel" Yamanu

Post by Ayden Yamanu on Sun Sep 13, 2015 1:44 am

*! about.

  • Ring Name: Ayden "Archangel" Yamanu
  • Birth Name: Ayden Yamanu
  • Birthdate: 8/24/90
  • Birth City: Cairo, Egypt

*! physical.

  • Height: 6'4"
  • Weight: 220
  • Picbase: Seth Rollins

*! gimmick.

  • Gimmick: Aden is a rich man. He owned lands, owned buildings, all because of his father's name. He lived the good life of and due to that nature he has always been labeled a scoundrel for not showing he can earn his due. Due to the comments Ayden took up wrestling to show that through it all he can work, and he can beat the respect into people. Now with his arrogant attitude, he loves to prove people they are wrong, only because he knows he can
  • Theme song: Immortalized by Disturbed
  • Attire: Sleek black tights, with Egyptian hieroglyphics in gold running down the left leg. Black boots with a gold trim, and Black gloves to the same effect.
  • Weapon of Choice: 2x4
  • Match of Choice : TLC
  • Alignment: Heel

*! moveset.

  • Common Moves (minimum 10): Big Boot, Clothesline, Enziguri, Dropkick, Powerslam, German Suplex, Diving Elbow, Missile Dropkick, Rope Choke, Boston Crab
  • Signatures (minimum 5) Gift Among Us (Cross Armbreaker) Learn to Respect (Crossface) Running Knee, Headlock Driver
  • Finishers (minimum 2) Riches to Riches (Pop-up European Uppercut), King's Crown (Curb Stomp)

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